Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Sponsorship Opportunities

Spring 2018

Dear El Paso Baseball Supporter:

Youth baseball in El Paso is alive and well, and we need your help to ensure that our youth have the best opportunities possible. We are seeking league sponsors for the Southwest Baseball League 2018 season.

Our spring season runs from March through June, and our fall season runs from September through November.  Southwest Baseball provides two distinct styles of play for El Paso’s youth. Our 2018 season will feature up to six different age divisions, consisting of boys and girls aged 4-15, playing in one or both of our leagues of baseball. Our Draft league offers recreational style baseball where every child plays, while the Select League is a more competitive brand of baseball for teams:

·         Recreational play teaches our children the basics of the game, sportsmanship and learning team values while having fun.

·         Competitive play allows players to improve their basic skills and enjoy friendly competition.

In 2017 we had over 1700 registered players participate in our two baseball season programs, with family members and friends attending games, Southwest Baseball consistently impacts thousands of people weekly who enjoy playing, umpiring, volunteering and watching El Paso kids play ball.  In addition to our regular season programs, we host summer tournaments.  Clinics are regularly given by our partner organizations for the benefit of the players, parents, coaches and umpires.

The league is formed as a 501(c)(3) organization which means your donation is completely tax deductible according to current IRS regulations. Your donation will be used 100% for the purpose of offsetting expenses incurred on behalf of your El Paso youth, including equipment, safety, field maintenance, umpire compensation and many other direct expenses throughout the year.  Our league is directed and staffed by many volunteers for the benefit of our community to have a well organized baseball program for the kids and their families.  Your support is critical.

Thank you for your consideration,

President, Southwest Baseball League
(915) 449-3162

Sponsorship Levels

Single Outfield Fence 3 x 5 Banner 


Single Outfield Banner 4 x 6 Banner


2 Outfield Banner Package 4 x 6 Banner


3 Outfield Banner Package 4 x 6 Banner


4 Outfield Banner Package 4 x 6 Banner


Scoreboard - Exclusive banner on scoreboard, Scrolling Website Banner, Social Media and E Mail presence


Premium placement of banner  -  Player bench area / Walkway & traffic areas (out facing) placement

$50 additional each banner

 Add your logo to our scrolling sponsor marquee on our website $50